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Thursday, April 25, 2013

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Secrets of Stonehenge Revealed


Stonehenge is one of the most famous and mysterious places in the world. Stonehenge is a prehistoric structure that stands in the English county of Wiltshire just north of Salisbury. There has been much speculation as to just who built this structure, as well as how and why they were built.

Stonehenge has been subjected to many theories about its origin, ranging from the academic worlds of (1) archaeology to explanations from (2) mythology and (3) the paranormal.

There has been evidence for all three theories.
And many are unaware that they all link together. 

Archeology: Unknown Origin, Complex Design, Ritualistic

Stonehenge itself is not actually just one monument that most of us are familiar with. Stonehenge consists of three separate phases, the earliest dating back to around 3100 B.C. Stonehenge is composed of earthworks that surround a circular pattern of large standing stones.  The surrounding circular earth bank and ditch, which constitute the earliest phase of the monument, have been dated to about 3100 BC.

Mythology: Aliens and Humankind, Rituals

 Many U.F.O. followers contend that the people during the time that Stonehenge was constructed simply did not have the tools or technology to construct such a monument, therefore they must have had help from a more advanced people. The alignment of the stones seem to lend credibilty to an astronomy based design when being built. Some believe it served as an ancient calender. Some say it was an ancient graveyard.

Paranormal: Ghostly, U.F.O. visitations

- Watch Videos - 

UFO Activity 
Ghostly Activity

Secret #1: Stonehenge was built by Power, not by Strength.

Well my theory is that Stonehenge was built by giants, the remaining of the Nephilim (offspring of the fallen angels and the daughters of men) after the flood. It can be said that tribes of these Rephaim were scattered around the world, in today's Lebanon, Jerusalem, India, Palestine, South America, Sweden, Somalia, Kenya and England. Stonehenge has a remarkale resemblance to 'Gilgal Rephaim' also known as the Circle of the giants in the Golan Heights which was built by Nephilim and is rumored to be the final resting Place of King Og, King of Bashan and last of the Nephilim/Rephaim. The book of Numbers and Deuteronomy in the Bible reveal this as well. Going back to Stonehenge, these giant men left in their wake, a trail heavy rocks and unmovable stone works.

Built by Nephilim = strength = incorrect. 

Although they could have built ancient monuments by hand, they could not possibly sustain the weight, keep in mind, each pyramid block weights about 2.5 tons and the total weight a complete pyramid would be 6 million tons. 

Secret #2: Built before Noah's Flood

 Stonehenge may have been occupied five thousand years earlier than previously thought, archaeologists claim.

Excavation of a site just a mile from the stone structure provided what researchers claim is the first firm evidence of continuous occupation from as early as 7,500BC.

Was it destroyed by the Flood and rebuilt? 
 It was done before.

And if that's not enough for you:

The places were the Pyramids have been built are usually linked to the Stars!
They perfectly align with the Constellations.

Nearly all of the pyramids of Egypt have an "entrance" passage on their north face. This passage typically runs parallel to the north-south meridian and descends at approximately a 26 degree angle. In the Egyptian celestial mythology, this passageway represents the route ancient souls take in becoming the generations of tomorrow. It projects through the planet to the top of a triangular asterism known as the Ben-Ben stone, or the place of the "First Occasion." It is a clear statement of the Egyptian belief that everything on Earth came from the celestial vault known as the heavens, a fact which modern science has proven beyond a shadow of doubt. At Giza, the region of the sky around the north pole never goes below the horizon, and is symbolic of the realm of eternal life, from whence kings and ancestors can return to Earth as spirits reincarnated into the flesh of youth. 

Also look for Uriel's Machine Explained soon

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