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For the first time ever: The Alien World is revealed!

"Last human who over stayed here in this place, was not able to return home because she overwhelmed her brain and lost her mind."

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MARS ONE Reality TV - Danger Confirmed by MIT

MARS ONE Reality TV - Danger Confirmed by MIT
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Monday, May 27, 2013

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Speech Scrolls in Heaven


Angels who are of GOD meticulously record all conversations of men. And men will have to hold an account before GOD Almighty for these conversations that come before Him. When judgment comes, they will stand before GOD, and they will have to hold an account of every word and every thought in these scrolls.

"Damn You." - A Curse.

"I'm going to Hell for this . . ." - A Confession.

"I'm going to get sick." - A Confession.

"Jesus F*** Christ." - A Blasphemy. 

"God is imaginary." - Opinion.
*Not Blasphemy since it doesn't name the true God.   


Choose your words wisely.
They could one day be used against you.

 Satan is lawless, he can use the very words you say against you.

Indeed, the Scriptures reveal that there are heavenly "books" that contain detailed records of all that we did (or did not do) during our time here on earth: "And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Then another book was opened, which is the Book of Life (סֵפֶר הַחַיִּים). And the dead were judged by what was written in the books, according to what they had done" (Rev. 20:12). - Source

- Bonus Reveal -
Usually before uttering our words, we (subconsciously) think them.

One of the most obvious and significant attributes of humans is the ability to communicate through speech. An interesting corollary is that we can also communicate our thoughts in real time; we do not need to plan what we’re going to say before we say it. This has both advantages and disadvantages. It would be clearly undesirable for us to have to formulate our thoughts before we issue an immediate warning ("run!") and communication would be dramatically slowed if we were unable to respond, naturally, to people in normal conversation.

"Oh, that my words were recorded, that they were written on a scroll . . ."  - Job 19:23.

Every word spoken, every thought concealed, everything that has been written by human hands has been recorded in Heaven and reserved as "evidence" for the Final Trial.

A belief in the existence of celestial or heavenly tables on which the "gods" kept record of men, their activities and destinies, can be traced to ancient Sumer. 2 Here, individual destinies, as well as the destinies of nations, were believed to be recorded on tablets reserved in the heavens. 3 Nabu was thought to be the d i vine stenographer, 4 the keeper of the unalterable records, and several cuneiform texts reflect appeals made by kings to him. 5 The idea, then, of 1 Some may debate the importance of the metaphor. If the " book of life " is merely a symbol, why assign any real importance to it? After all, is there really a book in heaven, or does Scripture merely speak symbolically or metaphorically? First, the book of life was important enough for John to refer to several times as incentive for moral behavior (see references below). Second, when Scripture uses metaphorical language, this does not deny the reality behind its images. In other words, something real and literal underlay John’s description of a book of life or his words have no meaning. That reality may simply be a way of saying that God sees and retains knowledge of the events that transpire here on earth and of the men who are involved in them. However, that reality does not preclude the possibility of a literal written record. Imagery present in biblical texts should be interpreted in harmony with other biblical revelation, not simply ignore. - Source

The Justice of God is actually extremely fair.  
This is only if it is fully understood, by Revelation.
Hint: Judged by degree. 

- Judgment with Justice -
Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice - Isaiah 30:18.

Justice = mishpat = litigation 

Judgment Is: 
 1) act of deciding a case  
2) place, court, seat of judgment  
3) process, procedure, litigation (before judges)  
4) case, cause (presented for judgment)  
5) sentence, decision (of judgment)  
6) execution (of judgment)  
7) time (of judgment)
The Bible tells us that God is just. This means that He is fair and impartial. It also means that He hates the ill-treatment and oppression of people and of nature, which He has created. The fact that God is just ONLY means that He can and will judge between right and wrong and He will administer justice in accordance with His standards, which are the rules. - Source


You may damn yourself to Hell however you would like, but somewhere in your video you must say this phrase: "I deny the Holy Spirit." - Source: Blasphemy Challenge


Remember, if a blasphemy is spoken (even in a self-made video) It is recorded in Heaven. 
And will be used against you After Death in the Court of Heaven. 

The Word of God contains no joke in it for a reason.

 Everything written in God's Word is serious and should be taken seriously.
Even if considered incomprehensible, confusing, or unbelievable.  
For it is all truth.

Are there any jokes in the Bible? I look for humor in nearly everything, but I've never been able to find any in the Bible. I realize most current humor is either sexually oriented, scatological, and/or disparaging to some group or other, all of which is quite antithetical to the Bible's purpose. But no humor at all? It's a long book and theoretically speaks to every aspect of the human condition. I'm not a biblical scholar and thus look to you and your vast research abilities to explain the total lack of frivolity, humor, or gaiety in this book.

- Bonus Reveal -
This "No Joke" rule applies even to Satan!
 If you sold your so called "imaginary" soul to the Devil. 
It is literally given to Him for real, that's how lawless he is.

If you damn yourself by denying God, (or worst) the Holy Spirit. 
You are sentencing yourself to damnation for real.
Again, there is no joking in the Spirit World.

Not considered Blasphemy.

Those in Christ rarely ever say profanities, they know not to say them for they are more accountable than unbelievers. 

- Bonus Reveal -
There is something terrifying about these kind of words which makes them vulgar in origin.

"Who decides that? I mean it's just a word like any other."

Isn't It?
Answer: No.

- The Science of Vulgarity - 
"People who suffer loss of speech often retain the ability to curse,  because swear words are processed in the brains limbic system the area responsible for Emotions."

"Experiments have shown that hearing or reading dirty words affects people emotionally."- Source

Words are seeds. In fact, whatever is in a seed must produce after its own kind. For example, an apple seed will produce apples. This principle is especially true where words are concerned. Words are a powerful force. Yet that force can be positive or negative. A situation can worsen when you speak negatively about it. By the same token, when you speak positive words, your circumstances will change for the better. This is because words are like the rudder of a ship. Once spoken, words begin to steer your life in a specific direction.

 Unbelievers and Believers: 
According to God, you are your own worst enemy. 


The Bible says that our every word and every deed have been recorded in Heaven's record books. Our every action has been witnessed by angels, and we are to be judged. - Source

Also look for Human Testimony Explained soon

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