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MARS ONE Reality TV - Danger Confirmed by MIT
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

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Generational Curses Explained


The term "generational curses" comes from the "law of generations", which God revealed to Moses (text below) and is interestingly present in nearly every religious system in the world, although no one has ever discovered a scientific dynamic of explanation. That the "law of generations" is true, everyone seems to recognize. How it works is another matter.

- PART 1 -
Curse passed through Generations

"This is the reason all families are dysfunctional or problematic." 

Are All Families Dysfunctional?
Answer: Sadly, Yes.
 Everyone (believing and unbelieving) is under the generational curse. 

"Seems like everyone I know or have known has their stories." - EXACTLY.

Have you ever seen a family where the father has a problem with uncontrollable anger, his son seems to have been 'handed it', and the grandpa had the same problem? Or have you noticed that not only do you suffer from something such as persistent irrational fears or depression, but your mother and her father also suffered from it as well? There are many people today who are living under bondage that the sins of their forefathers has brought them under. - Source

Exodus 34:7, "Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting (punishing) the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and to the fourth generation." 

 Lamentations 5:7, "Our fathers have sinned, and are not; and we have borne (been punished for) their iniquities."

A generational curse is basically a defilement that was passed down from one generation to another. For example, if your mother has been heavily involved in the occult, then she has become quite defiled (polluted or unclean), and has opened herself up to various demons to enter her. The Bible tells us that the sin of the parents can cause that same pollution to be handed down to their children:  Lamentations 5:7, "Our fathers have sinned, and are not; and we have borne their iniquities."  What happens is that not only is the uncleanliness handed down, but demons move right in and take advantage of this often at a very young age in a person's life (often before birth). The person then goes throughout life struggling with the same bondages that their parents struggle with. - Source

In recent years the generational curse teaching has become quite popular in Pentecostal and charismatic circles, and is promoted by some of the most visible leaders in these movements. The nature of absolute truth and proper interpretation of Scripture, however, cannot be determined by the number of people who embrace a teaching or by the popularity of those who promote it.

An Example

What is a generational curse? Well, what is a curse? First of all, we’re not talking about some voodoo, mysticism thing. Curses are real. They are bad habits and wrong thinking. No one curses you; you curse yourself. Or, in the case of generational curses, your family curses you. But curses are not unbreakable. They are net permanent or inescapable. There are ways to break a generational curse. Let’s talk examples. What are some generational curses that are common? Alcoholism, child abuse, drug addition, spouse abuse, inappropriate sexual urges, laziness, selfishness, divorce. There are many, many more. 

Genetics and the Curse Explained 

Let's look in dept on the most common:

 1. Inherited Greed 

2. Inherited Addictions 

3. Inherited Diseases

- GREED - 
Fighting for money against own siblings.

"My family fights over inheritance!"

"Family fights among children after death occurs in a large percentage of families," says Tim O'Sullivan, a partner and estate planning and tax attorney at Kansas law firm Foulston Siefkin. "If the No. 1 goal is to create family harmony, then the estate plan ought to be designed in a way that preserves it. It's so sad to see what happens in these situations."

Stories of families in conflict at the death of a loved one are regular fodder in the media. It is easy to mock them; they look ridiculous, and it all seems so petty. We wonder why people just can’t get along. But, after some study, I have learned that what appears as greed and pettiness are really symptoms of survivors’ struggle to feel loved and important. The fight for money and things — Dad’s watch, Mom’s wedding ring — is not about the object or the money itself, but about what they symbolize: importance, love, security, self-esteem, connectedness and immortality.


But genes can work two ways. The risk of addiction can be inherited.  
The genetics of alcoholism have been well studied, and heredity accounts for about 40 percent of the risk, though it is unclear whether what is inherited is an underlying emotional disorder that drives people to seek relief or a particular physiological reaction to addictive substances that gets them easily hooked.

Now you know the cause.  

How could an addiction like smoking be genetic? Why are some types of people more likely to smoke than others (about half of waitresses and car salesmen smoke, compared with about a tenth of lawyers and doctors)? 

Even for alcoholism, the evidence for genetic inheritance is minor. At one point we seemed to hear regular announcements that scientists have discovered a gene that causes alcoholism or addiction. But this idea is no longer proposed the way it was. Sure, people still feel that addiction may be inherited. But no one speaks about a gene for addiction - there's a recognition that addiction is just too complicated to be contained within a simple inherited process. Even if a number of genes (which is now how such thinking runs today) are found to influence addiction, would the same genes cause alcoholism and drug addiction? What about smoking? Would the same genes also cause compulsive gambling and overeating? If so, this would mean that everyone with any of these addictions has this genetic inheritance. Indeed, given the large number of addictive problems we've uncovered, it would seem that half of the population has some form of these addiction genes. - Source


From Minor (See: Genetics Explained)
People come in all shapes and sizes – tall, short, heavy, thin, wider hips, rounder stomach, you name it. Much of how we look, including how easy it is for us to gain weight or where we store it, is genetic. Whether you store extra fat on your hips, butt or gut is passed down the family tree. But does nature dictate whether some of us are “designed” to store fat more easily than others? The answer is yes to some degree, but how much is stored has a lot to do with lifestyle.

To Major
Cancer is such a common disease that it is no surprise that many families have at least a few members who have had cancer. Sometimes, certain types of cancer seem to run in some families. This can be caused by a number of factors. It can be because family members have certain risk factors in common, such as smoking, which can cause many types of cancer. It can also be due in part to some other factors, like obesity, that tend to run in families and influence cancer risk.

If an Inherited Generation Curse is not broken it can lead to Death by the very curse left untreated. 


 Drug addiction 'may be hereditary' as siblings have brain abnormality which makes self-control difficult. - Source
A generational curse is part nature and part nurture. Your DNA comes from your parents. They affect your color, your race, your hair, your height, and your health. They also affect your personality and habits. How you are raised affects you just as much as whom you were born from. Not only are you born with certain proclivities, you are raised to embrace or discard them. 

Still In Disbelief?


"Inside all of us there are traces of our relatives dating back generations."- Exactly.


"The placenta is not at all impenetrable there are miniscule holes that let cells out and let cells in these foreign cells can survive in our bodies for decades. Is an exchange that happens not only between mother and fetus, cells from other relatives may sneak in too."

Also look for Part 2 entitled: 
Breaking the Generational Curse

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