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MARS ONE Reality TV - Danger Confirmed by MIT
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Human Voices Origins


Our voice is created through a complex set of tasks requiring the coordination of many muscles and sensory nerves. Each sound we create begins with the movement of rib and stomach muscles in coordination with the diaphragm to control the air flow through the voice box and finally modulated by the mouth to create a sound. But could every single one of our voices be unique? Is there a reason for this distinction?

Preview It! 

Surely, there must be someone out there with another person's (natural) voice. 

Natural = Born into, not a mimic.

They can sound very similar, and even identical, but there will always be a slight difference, even if it is unnoticeable.

"Well, there's so many voices in the world, some of them are bound to be similar."
Yet, they are not.  
Not one.

In fact, our voices are so unique, that they will start being used for secure Identification and Surveillance! 

A voiceprint is a set of measurable characteristics of a human voice that uniquely identifies an individual. These characteristics, which are based on the physical configuration of a speaker's mouth and throat, can be expressed as a mathematical formula. The term applies to a vocal sample recorded for that purpose, the derived mathematical formula, and its graphical representation.

 "The sound of each individual's voice is entirely unique. Each person has vocal cords that vary in shape and size resulting in different tones, frequencies, ranges of sounds and vocal abilities."

The specific mechanics involved in speaking have anatomical requirements that are found primarily in humans (the exception being angels—1 Cor. 13:1; Rev. 5:2; and also birds—although they produce sound differently).  There is no animal living presently, nor has one been observed in the fossil record, that possesses anything close to the ‘voice box’ (as we commonly call it) present in humans.  As information scientist Werner Gitt observed in his fascinating book, The Wonder of Man: ‘Only man individually, has the gift of speech, a characteristic otherwise only possessed by God.  This separates us clearly from the animal kingdom ... In addition to the necessary “software” for speech, we have also been provided with the required “hardware”.’

- Bonus Reveal -
  The animal that comes closest to producing anything that even vaguely resembles human speech
 is not a primate, but rather a bird.

‘In fact, most birds easily outshine any mammal in vocal skills, and though dogs, cats, horses, and monkeys are remarkably capable learners in many domains, vocalization is not one of them.  Our remarkable vocal abilities are not part of a trend, but an exception.’

We only have 1 set of vocal cords in our life.
*Which can be healthy, repaired, or removed.



- Current World Population -
View 7Billion People in 1 Page

Even Identical Twins have their own distinct voice.

Don't Believe?

Why do identical twins have different sounding voices?

The answer to your question is that, in addition to genetics, there are also other factors involved in creating our adult voice. These include hormones (particularly at puberty); the influence of external factors (particularly smoking); and the range of sounds we hear and produce (particularly shouting or singing).  Now, the genetics in identical twins are the same, but the hormones (even in the womb) are NOT!-Source 

Why is every Voice unique?
Answer: Because of the Timbre

There are 3 main characteristics of sound: frequency, amplitude, and waveform. In human terms: pitch, volume and timbre.

Timbre: the character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity.

The timbre builds up from many factors, among them the most important are: The vocal folds or cords and the resonators. I`ll try to explain them in simple terms.  The vocal cords are a couple of opposing folds in the larynx that vibrate in the same way as when you force air through tight lips. The cords can be longer or shorter, and thinner or thicker. As air passes through the stretched cords they vibrate in a particular way according to their physical characteristics and that germinal sound changes according to the shape of the vocal tract. That is the prime matter of human voice.-Source

Two girls can be singing the same note (pitch) at exactly the same loudness (amplitude) and still you can tell the difference between both voices. That's because of their personal timbre.

What about the Mute? 

Speaking is not at all the same as singing/praising.
For even the mutes can sing/praise.  
This is since software for Praise uses another part of the human body to function.

Also look for A VoicePrint Explained soon

Hint #1: Year of Your Voice
 Voiceprints – the fingerprints for identifying your voice – have recently been making headlines throughout the surveillance and privacy community. The technology  has developed to a point that you can now be identified by your voice alone, regardless of which telephone number, email address, YouTube account you are using. This is by no means a new phenomenon in the biometrics field, but Voiceprints have recently gained a lot of traction in the surveillance industry due to the increasing breadth of technology that uses ones voice, i.e., smartphones, Skype, voice search, etc.

Hint #2: Voice Searches, Commands, Conversations are Recorded
It is not fully known the extent to which organizations are harvesting voice data, but a few companies have come out publicly claiming to have massive databases of unknowing users’ Voiceprints.

Keywords: The Human Voice Explained, Voices, Unique, Voice Box, Anatomy, Vocal Cords 

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