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MARS ONE Reality TV - Danger Confirmed by MIT

MARS ONE Reality TV - Danger Confirmed by MIT
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Light the 6th Dimension


Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which ranges from radio waves to gamma rays. Electromagnetic radiation waves, as their names suggest are fluctuations of electric and magnetic fields, which can transport energy from one location to another. But can light be a dimension of its own? Does light hold the secret to the 6th dimension? 
And If so, could photon particles merely be pieces of a much greater discovery?


- PART 1 -
Luminous Dimension

Could light be a new dimension?

Six-dimensional space is any space that has six dimensions, that is, six degrees of freedom, and that needs six pieces of data, or coordinates, to specify a location in this space. The properities of Light (photon particles) allow this kind of travel - including time-travel.

Light comes from a particle called a “photon.” Photons are unique, in that they have properties of both a particle and a wave. That is unique because most things are either particles or waves. Photons have both properties.  In the story of Genesis, light is the first thing mentioned as being created in our universe. -Source   

And God said, “Let There Be Light,” and there was light - Genesis 1:3  

If you keep reading, you will see that “Light” (photon particle) is created before the Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars. And if you keep going a bit further you'll notice there's another essence in existence, which it also speaks boldly about . . . Darkness.

A photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force, even when static via virtual photons. The effects of this force are easily observable at both the microscopic and macroscopic level, because the photon has zero rest mass; this allows long distance interactions. Like all elementary particles, photons are currently best explained by quantum mechanics and exhibit wave–particle duality, exhibiting properties of both waves and particles.

Question: If the 4th dimension is Space and the 5th Dimension is Time, then what is the 6th Dimension? What would dimensions 7 -> 10 be?  -Dan

Answer: We can only "identify" limited amounts of dimensions in existence,
the most high are beyond our reach and comprehension.

There are:  
(1) Spacial dimensions
(2) Temporal dimensions
(3) "Variable" dimensions

In astrophysics, quantum physics, and theoretical physics, we usually talk about spacial dimensions. They are the dimensions we are most familiar with. We know of three: length, height, and depth. We live in these three, though there are more spacial dimensions beyond the third dimension.

You might think scientists know all the answers, but light continues to surprise them.
This is because Light was created to represent God (who is light), so it definitely has many undiscovered layers to it just waiting to be confirmed.

Here's an example:

Replace light with the word God.
In other words: Light represents the creator. 

Could light GOD be the key of discovering the final secrets of the Universe?

 - Bonus Reveal -
To a photon GOD time is completely still, so if you were a [photon, light, GOD] you would arrive instantly to your destination and reality would be just be a flash. But to us it can take billions of years to reach us. Our reality doesn't exist. 
 God Is Light. If light represents goodness in antithesis to the evil associated with darkness, it is a natural step for the biblical authors to understand God, the ultimate good, as light. Light symbolizes the holy God. Light signifies God's presence and favor ( Psalm 27:1 ; Isa 9:2 ; 2 Cor 4:6 ) in contrast to God's judgment ( Amos 5:18 ). Throughout the Old Testament light is regularly associated with God and his word, with salvation, with goodness, with truth, with life. The New Testament resonates with these themes, so that the holiness of God is presented in such a way that it is said that God "lives in unapproachable light" ( 1 Tim 6:16 ). God is light ( 1 John 1:5 ) and the Father of lights ( James 1:17 ) who dispels darkness.
Access: Light the 6th Dimension

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