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Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Ancient Nibiru Prophecy


The Sumerians lived some 5,000 years ago. They had no telescopes that we know of. Yet they clearly knew of 12 ‘celestial bodies’, including the sun and the moon. They depicted the 12 planets and wrote about them on stone tablets. The Sumerians described not only the existence of these celestial bodies, but knew exactly their names and roles in the solar system and the universe. Were they masters of mathematics and astronomy? Or did they stumble on a great and ancient secret only the chosen in Egypt and Mesopotamia were told?

Ancient Nibiru Prophecy FULL REVEAL!

- PART 1 -

The question of How the Ancient Knew About Uranus, Pluto, Nibiru will be answered.
This great reveal also explains How the Egyptians aligned their Pyramids with the Constellations.

How did the Sumerians know about all of the planets and relative sizes of the planets in our solar system? How did they also know about planet x which astronomers have been talking about for the past couple of decades and only the past couple of decades? 

Some say that the Sumerians must have received information from aliens, from outer space. . .
 And according to their legends, they did! So, what exactly did the Annunaki reveal to them? 

The Sumerians were the first great civilization, and they made many accurate astronomical predictions, including the existence of the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. 
So why should we not believe their predictions about Nibiru?

You Know This: 
The Sumerians knew of every planet in our Solar System.

And This: 
It is almost close to impossible for the Sumerians or (the Ancient Egyptians, or the Mayans) to know about the planet Nibiru. Ancient Telescopes have not been discovered until the 4th century BC.

"You are speaking of an image on an ancient Sumerian cylinder seal that the "alternative archeologist," Zechariah Sitchin (in his books The 12th Planet, and, Genesis Revealed) claims represents "our solar system." However, the "likelihood" that the Sumerians knew the earth was one of many planets circling the sun remains questionable, because much is known about ancient Sumerian cosmology from pictures they drew and words they wrote, and they depicted the earth in both cases as flat."

You Don't Know This: 
It is said that Nibiru entered our solar system on December 21, 2012  (Mayan Prophecy, which did not actually declare the end of the world, will end on 2087.) Since then, Nibiru has been taking its time getting here.

 In order to have a full understanding of this whole thing, you need to learn of the work of Zechria Sitchin. Sitchin is one of a handful of people today able to read and translate the ancient languages of Sumerians, Egyptians and Hebrews along with other languages. What he discovered was that the Ancient Sumerians (Sumerian civilization was the first civilization on Earth). 

The Sumerians knew of every planet in our solar system, they knew their colors, they knew about their moons, they mentioned Mars once had water - which is interesting considering we are just starting to discover this. Everything they knew, they said was taught to them by THE ANNUNAKI.

The cities of Sumer, first built around 4,000 B.C, {maybe before}, provide the world's first examples of genuine urban centers of large size. In these early cities, especially in Eridu and Urak, people first manifested the high degree of cooperative effort necessary, to make urban life possible. Both of these cities were reflections of this cooperation in their dikes, walls, irrigation canals, and temples. Unlike the Egyptians, the Sumerians did not build pyramids, instead they built Ziggurats, Temples. These Ziggurats were huge structures, made of brick and comparable in size to a pyramid. [Source]

"The origin of the Sumerians is unknown. The intriguing question keeps returning into the literature but has so far unsatisfactory answers. The Sumerians were not the first people in Mesopotamia. They were not present before 4000 BCE, while before that time village communities existed with a high degree of organization." [Source]

In the earliest depictions of the winged disc found in Mesopotamia we find it surrounded by 3 other celestial objects. One is star like, with rays representing the sun. (circled in purple), another is a crescent or full moon (circled in green) surrounded by 7 stars representing the Pleiades star cluster also known as the 7 sisters (circled in green). The winged disc (circled in red) being the central and most important symbol, matches with no known celestial object, at least in our present sky.

Freemasonry has been studying ancient religions and esoteric traditions since at least the 1700’s when their first lodge was created. They have adopted many ancient symbols in their organization, and in their artwork, we can find the winged disc and same configuration of celestial objects.



Egyptian Pharaohs and Prophets of myriad Gods were known as the ‘Twice Born’ Ones. 

"When his habitation falls apart, it is time to seek another. Perhaps nations, like men, grow old and decay. My land is old, a hundred and twenty generations have passed through it since Osireh [Osiris] brought light to men. FOUR TIMES THE STARS HAVE MOVED TO NEW POSITIONS AND TWICE THE SUN HAS CHANGED THE DIRECTION OF HIS JOURNEY. TWICE THE DESTROYER HAS STRUCK EARTH AND THREE TIMES THE HEAVENS HAVE OPENED AND SHUT. TWICE THE LAND HAS BEEN SWEPT CLEAN BY WATER." - Elidor 

What Is the "Twice Born" Ancient Ritual?
Well, for starters, the initiation process of becoming a Twice Born One involves lying down inside the granite sarcophagus within the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid, all for the purpose of having an out of body experience or OBE. Thus the soul—freed from his mortal bodystarts communicating with the other side and has the first revelation that his soul is indeed immortal.
Remember this N.D.E. Video from "The Feeling of Death" - Source 
Hint: "The Soul has these Constant Revelations." 
Furthermore, after acquiring an infinite amount of wisdom, the soul re-enters the initiate’s body within the stone sarcophagus (called the “Womb of Rebirth”) in which he becomes physically transformed into a white radiant one, now worthy of becoming a Pharaoh. Finally, the Twice Born graduate is honored and held in high regard as a physical living god by the ancient Egyptian populace.
- Bonus Reveal - 
The "Twice Born" title sounds eerily familiar to Born Again because the Annunaki 
help their ancients realize truths without using the creator; ELOHIM Christ.
Out of Body Experiences using a Ritual for the God of the Dead was (and still is) possible. 
It is considered an occult practice, and therefore, it really does allow a soul to "travel" to hell, earth, and even space without needing oxygen equipment or spaceships. The ritual gives authority to Satan (disguise as a Egyptian deity) the right to guide the human soul out of its vessel/body. 
Occult: The things that are possible but hidden, considered the teachings of Demons by the Creator.
As a Nibiru researcher, my investigation has revealed that the Twice Born Ones collected sobering astronomical information of a fiery red planetoid that periodically returns named the ‘Destroyer’ (the Fighter or Nibiru). Using this occultic ritual, a Twice Born One was able to collect signs, and constellations, as well as knowing the hidden Spirit World. Hence, their "realization" of an immortal soul seconds after having an induce Out of Body Experience.
This Fallen Angel Knowledge was given to them by the Annunaki, who were everywhere, teaching everything that was forbidden by GOD to mankind. 
The Mayans knew about the Constellations. . .
The Egyptians knew about the Constellations. . .
The Sumerians knew about the Constellations. . .
The Greeks knew about the Constellations. . .
The Indians knew about the Constellations. . .
Because of the Annunaki.


"Well, to them Space was the first frontier."
 There are even ancient writings of visitations to the underworld!   
However, the Kingdom of God ELOHIM was restricted to them.

Buy Your SP Membership and 
Await more Nibiru Reveals!
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