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Monday, April 27, 2015

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Unearthed Giants


Colossal skeletons and fossils have been documented or described in the mythology of cultures around the world.  Some believe these giant bones are associated with the alien race of the Anunnaki while others believe they were descendents of the sons of gods or the Nephilim or Nephilite giants referenced in scripture. But could there be truth to these remarkable discoveries? If so, are the facts to these "claims" hidden among the skeletons themselves? What is the true reason these great unearthings are quickly re-buried, destroyed, and written off from ancient history? 


- PART 1 -

 Here's one for your "Forbidden Archaeology" file.
Archaeologists/scientists are remaining stubbornly silent about a lost race of giants that have been unearthed these past years.

Giant is the English word commonly used for the monsters of human appearance but prodigious size and strength common in the mythology and legends of many different cultures.

You Know This:
In early June 2014 a team of four Georgian researchers led a production crew from the Science Channel cable network into the Borjormi-Kharagauli national park. Their remit was to gather key footage for an episode of the Science Channel’s flagship cable show, ‘The Unexplained Files’. The episode would be about the legendary ancient giant humans.

And this:
Claims (or testimonials) of "giant human skeletons remains excavations"
have been reported from all around the globe.

And Finally, This: 
There were "Giants" mentioned in Hindu Mythology, Native American Mythology,
Greek mythology, Roman mythology, Norse mythology, Balt mythology, Bulgarian mythology, Basque mythology and in European myths.


Giant Human Skeleton unearthed in Varna, Bulgaria
Archaeologists in Bulgaria have discovered the remains of what they have described as a “huge skeleton” in downtown Varna, a city on the shores of the Black Sea whose rich culture and civilizations spans some 7,000 years.

Sofia News Agency, Novinite, reports that the skeleton was found in what was once the ancient city of Odessos, a trading post established by the Greeks towards the end of the 7th century BC. Odessos was a mixed community made up of Ionian Greeks and the Thracian tribes (Getae, Krobyzoi, Terizi). Later it was controlled by the Thracians, Macedonians, and then Romans.

Why won’t he reveal the size of the skeletal bones?  What’s the big secret? If you find a giant human then why not reveal the size as I’m sure they’ve measured it to no end!  If it is 6 ft that makes him taller than most people in the area at the time.  If it is 10 ft then that is something “impressive” and deserves to be told to the world!  
I hate finds like this where you get part of the data but never the full data . . .”

It is not the first time that an over-sized skeleton has been found in Eastern Europe. In 2013, the skeleton of a giant warrior dating back to 1600 BC was found in Santa Mare, Romania. Nicknamed ‘Goliath’, the warrior measured more than 2 meters in height, highly unusually for the time and place, when people were of small stature (approximately 1.5 meters on average).

To this day, nobody knows where the skeletons are.
This is not an isolated incident.

 In more recent years, villagers in Scaieni uncovered an ancient giants’ graveyard while planting an apple orchard. Once again, it was the skulls’ giant sizes that puzzled everyone. Alongside the complete skeletons, the villagers also found pottery fragments, jewelry and strange metal statues about 3 feet tall. A team of archaeologists came, dug everything up and vanished.

On a side note, there are plenty legends about giants in the area. According to folklore, giants once inhabited the mountains and forests around Scaieni. In fact, huge thrones were found sculpted in the mountainside, in an area inaccessible to regular human beings.

No public statement was made and the locals refuse to discuss what happened
after they announced their finding.

"It is unknown why scientists have remained silent about the discovery of 18 giant human skeletons which were found in burial grounds in the state of Wisconsin back in May of 1912. They were in mounds next to Lake Delavan, Wisconsin. The excavation site was supervised by Beloit College. The allegedly massive size of the skeletons and lengthened skulls did not fit into any scientific concept that was in textbooks of the day." 

"It does not fit in with Darwinian Evolution, so shh, don't talk about this."
To some, it does! And there is, in fact, an "evolutionary" explanation for their existence.
So, there's no need to keep this colossal discovery a secret.

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