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MARS ONE Reality TV - Danger Confirmed by MIT
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

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The Atlantean Civilization


Atlantis has been described by many as the most advanced civilization ever to be reigned by the Anunnaki. Some believe that the city was destroyed by a powerful deluge sent by an angry God, while others are certain that the lost empire only existed in Plato's imagination. However, new archaeological evidence has suggested something entirely different, that Atlantis was not only real but it was also the epicenter of all known cultures, by passing an ancient knowledge to all mankind. Were the teachings of Atlantis the source and power of other ancient empires?


- PART 1 -
(The Map)

Atlantean (Atlantian) means "of or pertaining to Atlas

Atlas: a book of maps or charts. 

You Know This:
Atlantis is thought to be an imaginary island - a lost empire/civilization
 considered to be pure myth/or legend for centuries.

And This:

There exists a very detailed map of Atlantis.

"How does it have such a detailed map? Almost every credit goes to a bizarre Jesuit genius who convinced the world his vision of Atlantis was the right one."

The Atlantis Myth really took of after Columbus discovered America.
The myth had a resurgence when Columbus reached the Americas. Suddenly, there was a 
surge of public interest in undiscovered lands

Kircher's 1675 map of the world after the Great Flood. 
The location of Atlantis was marked in the Atlantic Ocean.

When it comes to mysteries of ancient history, the actual appearance of Atlantis is considered to be one of the most intriguing.


The Legend of Atlantis begins with two dialogues: Timaeus and Critias, written by a classical Greek philosopher, Plato. He describes the inhabitants of Atlantis as a noble and powerful race who lived on the island located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Greek mythology tell us that Poseidon protect Atlantis with rings of water and land. At the very top of the central mountain, a temple was built to honor Poseidon. Inside, a statue of Poseidon rining a chariot that is being pulled by winged horses (Pegasus) was usually surrounded by the elders and rulers of Atlantis who would discuss laws, pass judgements and pay tribute to the Poseidon. The main city was situated outside of the 1st ring of water and covered 17 km of land. Beyond the city, a very fertile plain extending for 530 km in length and 190 km in width was surrounded by another canal used to collect water from the rivers and streams of the mountains. 

The climate of Atlantis allowed for 2 harvests each year. One in the winter, which was fed by rains, and one in the summer that was fed by irrigation from the canal water. Atlantis was a thriving centre for trade and commerce thanks to its location and natural resources.

Tall mountains surrounded the plain to the north of the 3rd circle. Small villages, lakes, rivers, and meadows would span across the most part of this region. Besides great vegetation, the island was very rich in various metals (gold, copper, bronze, silver) and several kinds of stone. It is also believed that (dwaft) elephants once walked these lands too.

Thanks to the size of its army and fleet that consisted of about 1,200 ships, Atlantis was able to rule land far into Egypt and Tyrrhenia.

It was destroyed in the Flood, but its "immortal" survivors (Anunnaki) brought their knowledge to post-flood humans. 
@3:26 - But the idea of 'Atlantis as the cradle of all civilization' was scorn by historians. 
If Atlantis were true, if there was one source, 
 It would be very easy to test archaeologically, and the evidence would be clear.    
"Unto thee, O man, have I given my knowledge. Unto thee have I given of Light. Hear ye now and receive my wisdom brought from space planes above and beyond." 
All the (advanced) occult teachings of Egypt came from Atlantis.
All the occult teachings of Sumer (Sumeria) came from Atlantis. 

Sumer was the southernmost region of ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq and Kuwait) which is generally considered the cradle of civilization. The name comes from Akkadian, the language of the north of Mesopotamia, and means “land of the civilized kings”.

While many people wonder if the {empire, continent, lost city} really did exist, others wonder what Atlantis looked like. Unfortunately we only have a few resources on this subject. Correction! 
Now, in this age of Knowledge, much more has risen to the surface - including the Atlantean connection to the Anunnaki.   

Atlantis was swallowed by the seas after a terrible earthquake.

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